Setting Intentions for 2020

Hey there, it’s been a while. Feel like I need to acknowledge that before jumping into intentions for the new year.

Last time I posted I was living with three roommates in Gramercy Park. Now almost two years into my LA residency, so to say this is long overdue is an understatement. But considering that getting my blog back up and running is one of my goals for 2020, I thought this was an appropriate post to kick it off with.

I haven’t done New Year’s resolutions in a while (last one was for 2017) because historically I have not been able to keep them. But I think that is really just because the way they are usually framed. You always hear people halfway through Jan saying that they have already “broken their New Year’s resolutions”. So this year I am personally framing them as intentions. For me the distinction is that intentions are goals for progress over the course of the year, but not necessarily things that are so strict and unrealistic i.e. easy to “break”.

Anyway, that’s really just semantics. Point is, I think it will be a healthier mindset for me to have things to work toward but be fluid and not too hard on myself.


Intention #1: Establish routines

Establish AM and PM routines that are maintainable. Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier. Take the extra time for self care rituals.

Intention #2: Movement

Sweat daily, practice yoga weekly (ideally minimum of 3x per week), get back into hiking regularly. Opt for the stairs.

Intention #3: Get Outside

Earth to Kristen, you live in CA… take advantage of it. Get out of the office for even just 5 min during daylight hours, walk the 5 blocks to the beach, eat lunch outside.

Intention #4: Sustainability

Use less single use plastic, move toward a more plant based diet, support sustainable brands only. Stop forgetting my reusable grocery bags in the car.

Intention #5: Create

Paint & draw more regularly, take another photography class, pick up the blog again. Create in ways that feel authentic and positive.

Intention #6: Save

Budget better, spend less, save more. ShopaholicProbz no more.

Intention #7: Declutter

Unsubscribe (not just delete) unnecessary marketing emails, sell infrequently used things on Poshmark & OfferUp, donate “stuff” to Goodwill.


I want to hear from you though. What intentions have you set for 2020?!


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