I’ve only had this blog for like 5 years, so I think maybe it’s about time that we get to know each other.

Since last week was my 27th birthday, here are 27 things you may or may not know about me.

    1. I love astrology and am super obsessed with my Leo sign (rising is Cancer, moon is Sagittarius)
    2. I am a Boston baby, grew up in Jersey, went to college in RI & now live in NYC
    3. I am the oldest of 3 – my sister, Lauren (daisy to my diamond) is 23 and my brother, Danny, is 21
      siblings - today
    4. I am super competitive but refuse to take part in anything that I don’t think I can win (aka I am also a sore loser)
    5. As a kid I tried every sport… not even exaggerating – soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, gymnastics, ice skating, skiing, honestly there are probably still more I am forgetting. But if I am not passionate about something, I won’t work at it. Buuuut also I can’t stand not being the best, so naturally I quit each of these eventually. I’m a psycho, I know.
    6. I did play tennis in high school, but only for a year and mostly because the uniforms were the cutest
    7. My first time traveling out of the country (other than to Mexico with my parents when I was a baby) was to Germany for a 3-week exchange program when I was 14, the summer after my freshman year of high school
    8. Applied to 10 colleges and got into all but one where I was wait-listed. In retrospect I wish that I had applied to some more reach schools (and ones somewhere other than the east coast aka Cali)
    9. I went to Providence College in RI and studied marketing but frankly still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up
    10. I created the ShopaholicProbz Twitter account while I was in college because I had too much time on my hands and was annoyed that there wasn’t already a shopaholic anon. As a marketing major, I was (and still am) fascinated with the process of growing an audience and creating content.
    11. I was in serious denial about graduating from college and took the only job I interviewed for, a position in the designer management training program at Nordstrom
    12. Nordstrom likes to hire from within and prefers that even people who work in their corporate offices have experience working in the store. So my plan was to become a buyer, but after two years of working a department manager I decided that working in retail wasn’t for me and left to look for marketing jobs in NYC.

      Hosting a trunk show with my fave, Alexis Bittar

    13. While working Nordstrom, I hit the height of my shopping addiction (the discount really didn’t help) and developed my love for designer clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, the works. And it was during that time when I decided to create this blog!
    14. I worked a temp job at a fragrance manufacturing company for a bit before taking a job at a media agency – where I have now been for almost 2.5 years. My role has shifted a bit and I am now focusing on building events for the account I work on, which is super fun and allows me have really cool experiences in NYC as well as in other cities that I get to travel to (going to Chicago tomorrow, where I have never been – if you have suggestions for what I should do/see or live there and want to meet up lmk in the comments!).
    15. I consider myself to be pretty artistic, love drawing and painting. Definitely want an art/craft room in my future home.
      art - skull 1
      art - skull 2
      art - skull 3
    16. I have always been a bit of a book nerd, used to sneakily stay up past my bedtime to read and even now I can easily read an entire book in a day. And I always read the book before seeing the movie or watching the series.
    17. I am pretty tall (5’9″) but that doesn’t stopped me from wearing 5″ heels
    18. My favorite question that I get asked regularly is “are those your real eyelashes?!” Yes, they are.
    19. Favorite meal? Pizza and wine. As for wine, I almost exclusively drink red though I am not opposed to rosé in the summer
    20. Tequila is my liquor of choice and I love a spicy margarita
    21. I have 3 tattoos – Leo zodiac symbol on my foot (my first that I got right when I graduated college @ 21), diamond & daisy on my wrist (my sis has the same one) and symbols for earth, air, fire, water and ether on my inner arm
      tattoo - leo zodiac symbol
      tattoo - sisters diamonds & daisies
    22. I have 2-3 more that I would like to get but I am dead set on having Dr. Woo (Cali based artist) do them and he is IMPOSSIBLE to get an appointment with
    23. I have been a vegetarian for around 1.5 years. I convinced myself for a while that ignorance was bliss when it came to food’s impact on animals and the environment. But as someone who loves knowledge and thinks ignorance is the worst, I eventually gave in and educated myself. I decided that I wanted to do my part for creating a more sustainable planet and immediately removed meat and fish from my diet.
    24. I would love to go vegan but I haven’t been able to conquer my addiction to cheese (or my love of pizza, refer to #18)
    25. Looking at my environmental footprint eventually led to me investigating the impact of my other passion, fashion, on both people and the environment. About a year ago, I decided that I could not in good faith continue to support fast fashion but rather needed to only throw my support (and money) into products that were ethically and sustainably produced.
    26. I am very opinionated (especially about ridiculous things that don’t matter – i.e. the Beast is hotter than the prince in Beauty & the Beast and I will fight you on it) but I love having conversations with people of differing opinions and am open to having my mind changed (not on the Beast thing tho)

      Credit: Buzzfeed

    27. I plan on moving to Cali in 2018 — more details on this in the coming months!


I have learned a lot about myself over the past 27 years and am thankful for all the experiences I have had thus far. 26 was a good one but I am super excited on what’s in store for the coming year and hope to share all my adventures with you guys here!

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