Moon Manifesting: Full Moon in Scorpio

Since tonight brings us a full moon in Scorpio, this seems like a good time to talk about harnessing the power of the full moon through creating a ritual that allows you to cleanse your spirit and set intentions.

Full moon in Scorpio opens the way for us to connect with our deepest and most intimate desires of ourselves and others. We must reflect, dive deep and be truthful in order to release, transform, and reclaim our most authentic selves.

Creating a Full Moon Ritual

WHO         Gather your spiritual minded friends or go solo

WHAT        Pen, paper, matches, candles, two small bowls, water, sage or Palo Santo, crystals of choice (it’s a great time to charge all of your crystals but I recommend rutilized quartz, selenite, moonstone, sunstone)

WHEN       During the full moon (aka every 28 days)

WHERE     Honestly, anywhere quiet. But ideally you can do it outside under the moon so that you can connect directly with nature & the moon. And even better if you are near a body of water.

WHY           New moons represent a culmination and bring an energy to take action. It is a time to let go of the things that have been holding you back, purge your mind of negativity & move forward.


And most importantly… how?

  1. Create a scared sacred (oops lol) space: sitting under the moon, set the stage – can lay a crystal alter, light candles, fill one small bowl with water. Make this your own, include any sacred items that speak to you.
    *water (cleanses, washes away) and fire (consumes, burns away) are symbolic elements of purification
  2. Cleanse the energy: burn sage or Palo Santo (incense or the real stuff)
  3. Reflect & release: think about the past few weeks – what has inspired you? held you back? If you want, write down the things that have held you back on a piece of paper, light the corner, release into the empty bowl and watch the things that no longer serve you vanish into smoke.
  4. Cleanse and re-energize: the simplest way to do this is to place your hands in your bowl of water and massage them. If you are fancy you can create moon bath with hot water and Himalayan salt or swim outside under the full moon.
  5. Set intentions: write down what you want to accomplish during the coming weeks, be that a change in attitude or a tangible goal. I suggest putting it somewhere visible afterward so that you can reflect (and even meditate) on it daily.
There is no right and wrong when it comes to creating a full moon ritual, it is totally up for interpretation.
As long as you follow your intuition and do what speaks to you, it has been successful.

Do any of you use nature to manifest or meditate? Share below what works for you!


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