Empire State of Mind — Bucket List

Last month marked my 1 year anniversary of living in NYC! So to commemorate I want to share the list I made when I first moved, of all the things I wanted to see and do while living here. This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but is more of my top to dos.

NYC Bucket List

☑ Get a NY library card
☑ Go to a Yankee game – to be clear this wasn’t my first Yankee game & def planning to go to more this spring/summer
☑ Visit the NY Botanical Garden
☑ Explore Central Park – done a little of this, but it’s ongoing def more to see
☑ Bryant Park Yoga
☑ Wanderlust – want to do this again this fall
☑ Get a minimalist tattoo at West 4
☑ Avoid Times Square as much as possible – so far so good on this one
☐ Hit all the major museums – I’ve only been to the Met since living here (though I’ve been to most of the others before) so still have some work to do here
☐ One World Observatory – I’m actually embarrassed I haven’t been there yet
☐ Walk the High Line – another thing I’ve done before but not since living here
☐ Concert at Gramercy Theater – going to Bowling for Soup in April LOL
☐ Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
☐ Vegan cooking class
☐ Drag Brunch
☐ Brooklyn Brewery
☐ Pedal boats in Central Park
☐ Central Park & Bronx Zoos
☐ See a movie in Bryant Park
☐ Attend Tribeca Film Festival
☐ Broadway show with roommates
☐ Sleep No More
☐ Comedy Cellar
☐ Amateur Night at the Apollo
☐ Go to SNL
☐ See Billy Joel @ MSG
☐ Smorgasburg
☐ Coney Island
☐ Rockaway Beach, Queens
☐ Hamptons weekend
☐ Booze cruise on the Hudson
☐ Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island – would you believe me if I told you I’ve never been to Ellis Island?! Wasn’t that a field trip in like every tri-state elementary/middle school? Idk where I was for that.
☐ City Bike? Idk if I really want to do this, maybe in Brooklyn but def gonna have to pass on biking through the streets of Manhattan
☐ Rolf’s for a drink around Christmastime – make that post-Christmas season, I can’t with how crowded it gets
☐ Santa Con – actually no thanks, I rather live never having gone
☐ St. Patrick’s Day Parade – another thing I realized I’d rather not partake in, turns out I hate drunk people in costume in crowds

I still have a lot of ground to cover in the next year. And if you’re wondering WTF I’ve been doing the past year that there are still so much left, honestly so am I.
Do I even live here?

The wise Kylie Jenner told us that 2016 was the year of realizing things.

And so, I think 2017 should be the year of doing things.

 I’m continuously adding to this list & would love an input I can get! So tell me…
What are your favorite things to do in NYC?!
Or if you never have been, what is at the top of your list for when you visit?


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