The Lion, the Witch & the Winter Wardrobe

Confession… I hate winter.

The weather, the wardrobe, all of it. The holidays are it’s only redeeming factor IMO.

Winter clothing is bulky, usually ugly and somehow I’m always either still cold or sweating. To be clear I am talking about outerwear (jackets, gloves, shoes, etc), not the fun stuff like sweaters. No one hates buying sweaters, they are the best.

Every year I struggle with buying clothes that are East Coast winter appropriate — for reference I was born in Boston, grew up in Jersey, went to college in Rhode Island and now live in NYC. From complaining so much, I’ve learned that there are many other people who feel the same.

Winter wardrobe goals

So I thought, this year I will finally find pieces that I love and share my findings with you guys.

Well… surprise! I still haven’t figured it all out. Building a wardrobe of ethically produced, stylish winter wear is easier said than done. But I do have some findings that I want to share and hopefully I will be able to share even more next year. In typical nature, I will prob finally have a full winter wardrobe by the time I move to Cali (2018).



You would think someone who has lived in the Northeast for 26 years would have a better winter wardrobe by now, but I honestly don’t think I’ve owned winter boots since childhood. Okay but now I’m wondering what I did in college because it def snows a shit ton in RI and I seriously can’t remember… Uggs? Probably ugh gross. At least I had retired the HS Uggs + Abercrombie denim mini by then. Still gross tho.

Last year when commuting from Jersey to NYC, I decided that enough was enough – I needed to invest in a pair of real winter boots. SOREL hit the mark for being functional while being able as fashionable as clunky winter shoes can get so I bought the pair on the left. Which I now regret and wish I had bought the black taller version. But if I am honest, I probably won’t buy another winter boot for like 5 years so I am just gonna have to deal.



More things that are necessary for cold weather but annoy me to wear: hats and gloves. Gloves I really struggle with because I want them warm and text friendly. And those little tech fingertip gloves either do NOT work or they aren’t very warm.

I somehow found this family run company, Overland. Below is the pair of gloves I ended up ordering – the Fingerless Wool Gloves with Mitten Flap in grey. They are made in New Zealand and fleece lined so very warm. My only issue is that the thumb cover on the pair I have is giant so it doesn’t stay on very well.

overland fingerless gloves

Fortunately Rachel Zoe had my back and included a Soia & Kyo hat in the Winter Box of Style which I am loving. Scarfs, on the other hand, are something I don’t hate and don’t struggle with buying. That said, my favorite one this season is my La Cosecha scarf from Love Nomadic (hat & scarf pictured below)


This is where I failed this year… and every year for the past 26 years. Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I guess I was fine with the ugly ski jackets that I wore as a kid. But mainly just because I wanted to roll around in the snow (remember when we used to think that was fun?)

Unpopular opinion: I refuse to buy a Canadian Goose. If you are into them, that’s cool. I believe that they are super warm so I get it. But everyone in NYC has one and I can’t deal with the patch on the arm. It makes you look like you are a park ranger or some kind of Canadian government employee. Not into it.


On top of that, I always have been strongly against puffer jackets. Why would I wear something that makes me look bigger?! But after scouring the internet for ethically produced, not hideous winter jackets and trying on a bunch, I came to the conclusion that they are not the worst. And finally, I decided that I wanted the Everlane long puffer.

But I hesitated on checking out (like an idiot who has never online shopped before) and the jacket sold out. I even went as far as emailing customer service to see if they were planning to restock. They’re not.

Moral of the story?

Don’t EVER hesitate on something you really want, you can always return later (you prob won’t but it’s nice to tell yourself that).

So moving on from that traumatic experience. After realizing that my Sorel boots were ethically produced, I wondered what their apparel was like. That’s how I stumbled upon the Joan of Arctic Parka – creativity points to whoever came up with that name. I really like this but I can’t get behind the coyote fur on the hood and goose down (been trying to find jackets that are synthetically insulated). So the hunt continues.

Normally, I think coats are one of the items worth splurging on. But personally, I just can’t justify spending over $500 when we are halfway through winter and I am planning on moving to Cali next year. Maybe once the sales get really good at the end of the winter I will take the plunge.

How do you feel about your winter wardrobe?! Love? Hate? Don’t care, just want summer to come? LMK because clearly I need some help in this department.


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