Winter Reads 2017

My roomies and I are on a diet this winter that involves not drinking, like at all (okay fine, I make the exception for the occasional vodka soda but those are healthy). In an effort to focus on sober activities, we have all pledged to read more. So far I have only watched more Netflix, but hopefully writing this list will help make it a more actionable goal.

books_winter reading list

In the summer I posted a book list which turned out to be a bit ambitious, so my first two books are carryovers. My goal is to post a new list every season and to read a minimum of 6 books each cycle, aka 2 per month which should be doable.

Here are my minimum requirements for each batch of books:

  1. One non-fiction
  2. One classic novel
  3. One historical fiction

And likely the rest will be psychological thrillers because those are my fave.

Winter 2017 List

Classic novel ✔

Non-fiction ✔

Historical fiction ✔


Thriller #1 ✔
HBO has been shoving previews for the TV adaptation of this down my throat and it’s kinda working so I figure I should read the book first.


Thriller #2 ✔
Another one that has been on my list for a bit.


Thriller #3 ✔
I loved the first three books in the Tracy Crosswhite series so I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the 4th which is now available. I will likely read this book in a single weekend.

What are you reading in 2017? Always looking for new recos!

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  1. Pretty Girls (by Karin Slaughter)!! I’ve been recommending it to legit everyone. It’s a longer one…550 pages, but I finished it in about 2 days. SO GOOD.

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