Box of Style: Fall & Winter Reviews

Missed the boat with posting about the Fall Box of Style so I am including the highlights side by side with the Winter box.
P.S. if you missed my review of the Summer box you can read it here.

Let me just say, signing up for this was a great decision. So far I have loved a majority of the items that I have received each season. Definitely planning on renewing for another four seasons after my final one (Spring).



Donni Charm — Exclusive Wonder Cape

This cape is amazing.
1) I just love capes in general 2) It is the softest fabric EVER 3) Black & white = v. Cruella Deville chic



Rachel Zoe – Gold Link Tassel Bracelet (left, Fall)
DYLANLEX – Exclusive “Zoey” Necklace (right, Winter)

I love all things gold and chain link so the bracelet is perfect and very wearable. The necklace definitely makes a statement and is not really an everyday piece. The best part is that the length is adjustable so you can style completely different looks — on the smallest link as a glam choker is my fave though.


B-Low The Belt – Gatsby Wrap Belt (left, Fall)
Soia & Kyo – Olivia Cable-Knit Beanie (right, Winter)

Obsessed with this belt — love the tassels, how supple the leather is and the double wrap look. It is perfect for capes & ponchos. Beanies I am very particular about. I was convinced forever that I couldn’t pull them off. Until I found a thin, grey Halogen one at Nordstrom. Buuuut this beanie is actually flattering and much warmer than my other one.

This expression directly translates to “get me home” but hat was def keeping me warm.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets — Lint Removing Sheets (left, Fall)
Dagne Dover — Custom Card Case (center, Winter)
DL & Co. — Custom Birch Candle (right, Winter)

I don’t need to rave about travel sized lint sheets, right? So necessary. I love card cases because I have a zillion loyalty cards and gift cards that don’t deserve to take up precious wallet space. It’s nice to have the option to throw the case in your bag if you think you will be needing it, instead of carrying at all times.

And the candle. Love, love, love. Scents are another thing I am picky about (damn this list of things I am selective about is getting long). I really only like earthy scents and this birch candle really knocks it out of the park.


Beauty Products

IT Cosmetics — Brow Power Eyebrow Pencil (left, Fall)
Sunday Riley Tidal — Brightening Enzyme Water Cream (right, Winter)

Okay so actually one more thing I’m a complete psycho about… my brows. I have been growing them out forever and am very loyal to my Anastasia products and routine. But I decided to give this a try. And I actually really like it and have been using daily since. It’s a softer brown so it is easier to create a natural look.

The Sunday Riley Tidal cream is very light and I like that it is oil free. I have been using it at night, but in the morning I always use moisturizer with SPF. One of the suggested uses on the container is to pat a light layer over your makeup for an added glow so I am going to test that out. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

IT Cosmetics — Vitality Lip Blush Hydrating Gloss Stain (left, Fall)
Clinique — Berry Pop Lip Color + Primer (right, Winter)

I am all about a berry lip so these are perfect. The Clinique lipstick goes on super smooth and it’s great that it is a primer and color all in one. Lasted pretty well and I was actively drinking wine all night when I wore it. These colors happened to be very complementary so I actually layered them for an extra shine.


Another two successful boxes, can’t wait for the spring one to arrive! Mostly because that means we can be done with winter weather.


What subscription boxes do you guys have?!

P.S. – if you want to join the club & subscribe here to get $10 off

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