The Story of Diamond & Daisy

As you probably now have realized, last week I changed the name of this blog. You may also know that I have a diamond and daisy tattooed on my wrist. 

That said, the name change was anything but random.


So what inspired the name?

The story of diamond and daisy dates back to my childhood actually. I’ll let my sister, Lauren, tell the story — her words (the first and last paragraphs of college essay) paint the picture most eloquently.

The sun beats down on my sun-kissed shoulders as my older sister and I run hand in hand toward the ride. There is not much to it; we sit, listen to a repetitive tune, and slowly trace a circle. Yet there is something about the merry-go-round that is enchanting. For a few moments I will be captivated, and I want to pick the right horse. Luckily, the variety of elaborately costumed horses at the Wildwood boardwalk seems infinite. We each look carefully for just the right one, but it only takes a few moments for my sister Kristen to hop onto Diamond, and I upon Daisy. Little do we know, as we bounce up and down on our magical horses, that Diamond and Daisy will reflect the individuals that we will later become.

Much has changed since that carousel ride on the boardwalk thirteen years ago, but much has remained the same. My sister and I still run to find our special horses on visits to the Wildwood boardwalk. My sister has always been fashionable, sporting the new necklace, the glitz, the diamonds, while I have always found a natural daisy to be much more beautiful. It makes perfect sense that Kristen chose Diamond, and I chose Daisy. Thankfully, the two horses were conveniently placed right next to one another. Our preferences may be different, but we will always be hand in hand.


I won’t lie, even though I’m the superficial one in this story, I got emotional when I first read her essay five or so years ago. The moral of the story is that my sister should thank me because I basically got her into college. JK… kinda. ⇐ another “Diamond” quality or maybe just a Leo one.

Much has changed…

Let me elaborate on that point made in the last paragraph of Lauren’s essay. As we grew up, those preferences of ours began to overlap. She developed a taste for fashion, makeup and jewelry and I developed a greater appreciation for nature, travel and spirituality. So while I may prefer being covered in jewels like Diamond and Lauren would rather be in a field of wildflowers like Daisy, they aren’t mutually exclusive. You can resonate with both, they do go hand in hand after all.


And so, diamonds & daisies was born.

As I thought about the future of my blog and brand, I played around with the idea of Diamond & Daisy. Each representing a different personality, while beautifully complimenting each other. But the name didn’t feel right. It was too polarizing because it felt like it only represented two individuals. So I gravitated toward the plural: diamonds & daisies. Because this isn’t a blog about me and my sister. Rather it’s about everyone who can identify with the dual personas. Because hello, don’t we all want to be covered in jewels in a field of wildflowers?!

The things that inspire me and topics I plan on creating content around were discussed in my post last week. Both the diamond and daisy themes will get their moments in the sun, sometimes simultaneously. Because let’s be real, we want it all and I believe that we can have it.

Diamonds & daisies will be a space where we can entertain our materialist desires, while exploring the beauty in the natural and spiritual worlds. You can expect them both to be present here, always hand in hand.


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  1. Nicole says:

    Love this. I love the baby picture. I have so many like that I’ll have to send you of you two.

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