Luck of The Irish

Let me preface this post by saying… my grandma is pretty much the coolest woman out there.


Looking fab at her 80th bday party in December

She is a mother of six boys and used to be a travel agent, so she has traveled all over the world, mostly with her sister (actual #sistergoals – my sis and I are striving to become them). The past few Christmases she has given us $$ specifically for traveling and we decided that not only did we want to use it to travel, but we wanted her to come with us.


That being said, we have been bugging her for months about what places are still on her travel bucket list. We wanted to make sure to pick somewhere that she really wanted to go. Northern Ireland was at the top of her list – she had been to the Republic (Southern Ireland) a handful of times but just found out through some badass sleuthing (no shit) that her family was linked back to the North.

Now she wouldn’t allow us to just go to Northern Ireland for the whole trip. She insisted that we had to at least stop in Dublin for a few days, since none of us had been to Ireland before, so we built that into the plan.  As I mentioned in my Packing Light post, I recommend making a detailed itinerary (including weather) – so I drafted up the psycho one below for the crew.


Next week, I’ll be following up with a detailed post on our 3 days in Dublin! Spoiler, it involved A LOT of beer.


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