New Year, New Moon, New Goals

Now that I am officially on the wrong side of 25, I guess I am supposed to become an adult,  which basically just means that I have to pay for my own health insurance. I spent my weekend embracing what was left of my youth by watching Netflix all day and killing the only life other than my own that I am responsible for – a cactus. Clearly I am still fighting this whole adulthood thing.


My birthday seems like a good day to talk about my newfound interest. I have always really connected with astrology (I am a Leo tried and true – p.s. Susan Miller‘s horoscopes are the only ones you should be reading) so recently, I have expanded upon that interest and started dabbling in the world of crystals. This makes me feel a little like Spencer Pratt circa 2010, although I don’t have $1 million to spend on them (clearly, neither did he).

crystals_spencer pratt_mtv.jpg

Credit: MTV

This mainly started because my orchids kept dying (clearly cacti aren’t the only plants I can’t keep alive) and I read on SCB’s blog that crystals could be beneficial. As I dug deeper into the subject, I got really sucked into the ideas behind it (I totally get it, Spence).

At the root of owning crystals is meditation, setting intentions, manifesting goals and connecting with the earth and the universe — all things that I can totally get behind.

I did a lot of research (mostly from Energy Muse which I am obsessed with and majority of the below info comes directly from her blog) and decided which crystals I wanted to start out with and where to acquire them. There are a lot of places both online and brick & mortar where you can get crystals – Stick, Stone & Bone in the West Village is where I got the majority of mine.


Specifically recommended for Leos:image1 (2)

  • Pyrite & Tiger’s eye — Radiate light energy and promote serenity while enhancing natural confidence and joy
    • I wear a tiger’s eye bracelet on my right hand, as this maximizes the benefits of my “abundance stone” to manifest my dreams and unblocking creative abilities
  • Carnelian, black onyx, rose quartz
    • Carnelian — creativity & personal power
    • Black Onyx — protection, passion & power, as well as relieving stress and negative energy
    • Rose Quartz — healing emotion wounds
  • Red Garnet — Leo “birthday ritual” gemstone
    • Recommended to use for meditation and intention setting on birthday for Leos

Additional Stonescrystal altar

  • Moonstone, Sunstone
  • Clear quartz, moss agate — for my plants vitality (clearly still need to work on this one)
  • Amethyst, quartz point, aquamarine, sodalite, lapis lazuli
  • Accessories: turkey feather, abalone shell, sage smudge, altar cloth



Creating a new moon ritual is a great way to start out and allow yourself to set intentions and goals for the month ahead.  That said, today (8/2) is the new moon, so I will be setting my intentions for the month tonight. On top of that, since it is a new year I want to put my goals for year 26 in writing.

  • Travel… next up, Ireland in 2 weeks
  • Work to make my move to CA happen
    • Get a part-time job for extra $$ (bar tending? tutoring?)
  •  NYC bucket list
  • Focus on my health & wellness
  • Make more time for doing things I enjoy (i.e. this blog)
  • Read more, learn more
    • Get a New York Public Library card and actually use it
    • Potential study interests: Buddhism, coding, new language

P.S. – you can expect more posts on each of these in the future!

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