Nordy Anniversary Picks

In case you didn’t already know, I love Nordstrom.

I have been a loyal Nordy girl forever.  I come from a long line of women with big feet and Nordstrom hands down has the best shoe selection of all department stores.  My Nordstrom Rewards card was the first real credit card I ever opened – my sophomore year of college when I bought my first, but unfortunately not last, Michael Kors watch.

Anyway, I look forward to the Anniversary Sale every year because I’m a psycho who is ready for fall as soon as my bday passes (August 1st for those of you who want to get me something) and obviously I love any excuse to shop.  Below are my top picks for what to get this year.

Zella – ‘Hatha’ High Waist Cropped Leggings

This is a great time to buy any and all things Zella. I am going to make a controversial claim… Zella > Lululemon. Sorry betches, their logo might not be a status symbol, but their stuff holds up WAY better.


J. Brand and Rag & Bone (no longer available, click link for similar) are two of my favorite denim brands and I am really digging the fringed cutoff look.

I’ve been wanting a moto style leather jacket and I’m trying to get down with faux leather, so I bought the one on the left. Genuine leather version on the right.

Dying for the cutout detail on these Vince Camuto booties. Plus I have a black suede pair of Cole Haan booties that I wear constantly during the fall/winter, so I figured this was a good time to get them at a discount.

Major selling point – Cole Haan’s are SUPER comfortable (they used to have Nike technology in the footbed, but now they use their own Grand.OS insole technology which makes them wearable all day long).

Love a good pair of shaping shorts to wear with dresses & skirts. I am intrigued by the perforated aspect but I am into the idea of breathable Spanx.

Obsessed with this bathing suit, especially the back of it. My reco is to only buy the top though and wear black bottoms… matching bikinis are so 2015.

My roomie ordered this bag and I LOVE. The black on black hardware really speaks to my soul.

Had to order the Supergoop set (set no longer available) after reading my cosmetics guru SCB’s review on it.

Let me know what goodies you guys get!! FYI – all opinions are my own, none of this is sponsored.

And as always – shop like you mean it.

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