Summer Box of Style

So I finally bit the bullet and signed up for the Rachel Zoe Box of Style.

This is a box of goodies (mostly accessories and beauty products) that comes out once per season. I was debating just signing up for a single season to test it out, but it saves you $50 to sign up for the annual subscription so I went for it.

The Summer Box was shipped in June and now that it has been a month, I feel like I have sufficiently tested out all of the products enough to review.

Luv AJ — Pavé Tusk Lariat Necklace & Open Crescent Ring

summer box of style_jewelry summer box of style_jewelry

If you know me, you know I love anything with celestial vibes, so crescents are right up my alley. I have already worn this necklace a TON of times and really want to try it backwards with an opened back top. I have been rocking the ring as a midi, because I like the way the spike falls better that way.

YHF Los Angeles — Cashton Brown Sunglasses

summer box of style_sunglasses

I am an absolute psycho when it comes to sunglasses, so I was super skeptical when I saw that these were going to be included in the box (even though they swore that they tested them out on the whole team and that they looked good on everyone).

They didn’t lie – I actually really like these. Usually I freak out when sunglasses don’t cover my huge eyebrows but these still look cute. Perfect throw-around pair for the beach that I won’t feel horribly guilty about if they get swept out to sea (they retail for $40).

Michael Stars — Pastel Gardens Cover Up

summer box of style_caftan
I love the idea of a caftan as a cover up. Bright colors aren’t usually my jam (I live in NYC after all) but I am actually feeling the color combo in this one. As a Leo, red/yellow/orange are supposedly my colors.

The two ways that I can see myself styling this piece are: 1) as a cover up (le duh) or 2) with jeans and a cami (the Zoe Report also suggested belting with a slip, but I don’t see myself doing that).


As a cover up & with jeans were the winners for me

Beauty Products

summer box of style_beauty

DreamDry — The Dream Turban
Okay so here is the deal with this, your hair will not really dry that much. That being said, it certainly drains some of the water and once removed my hair dries MUCH sleeker than normal. My hair is pretty straight to begin with – I air dry my hair everyday and rarely use any product so for me this is a big win. Definitely recommend to replace a regular towel turban.

Juice Beauty — Green Apple SPF 15 Brightening Moisturizer
To be honest with you, I still don’t know how I feel about this one. Love the smell and I am very pro using SPF on my face everyday, but the consistency is a little heavy for my liking. It feels like you are putting on sunscreen when you apply. Maybe it’s just that I am used to a lighter daily moisturizer (typically use Olay Total Effects 7, Anti-aging with SPF 15), but only time will tell. I will update after a few months of use.

Ouai — Wave Spray

summer box of style

This I’m obsessed with. Like I mentioned earlier, I have naturally straight hair and use little to no product on a daily basis but this one I can do. Also, I hate how crunchy my hair gets with most beach/wave sprays but this is one of the few that doesn’t contain any salt so no crunch effect!

My new routine has been to keep my hair in the DreamDry turban as soon as I get out of the shower for 30-45 minutes, spray Ouai in my hair and throw in a bun for 15-20 minutes, take down and let air dry (usually  on my walk to work).



**Side note – I have been dreading doing a blog photo shoot in Manhattan, but I am slowly overcoming my anxiety and trying to become less awkward about having my pic taken… so more to come! Also, once I master it, I will for sure do a post with tips.

The next box will be arriving at the end of the summer and I am already super excited (plus fall is my favorite season) so you can expect another review in a few months!

P.S. – if you want to join the club & subscribe use this link to get $10 off

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