Retail Therapy


I make it a rule to never go to the grocery store when I’m hungry. When shopping this translates to: on the verge of emotional breakdown.

Now I’m not going to tell you that I never emotional shop because that would be the biggest lie ever. I am a big believer in retail therapy. But I am going to tell you to tread carefully.

Your boyfriend broke up with you? Failed an exam? Had a bad day at work? Are fighting with you BFF?

By all means get a new pair of shoes.

But DON’T buy two pairs of Louboutins, a Helmut Lang leather jacket, 12 pieces of jewelry, and a Celine bag. I repeat DO NOT* do this.

*unless you have someone else’s credit card or a trust fund

This may seem contradictory to my “buy now, think later” mentality. But clearly that is in reference to the daily fabulous psycho state of mind, not the sad psycho state of mind. Keep up, will you?

Big purchases while emotional are never a good idea. Buy a statement necklace that makes feel like a queen or a dress that makes you feel like a bombshell, but put down the really expensive shit. Or at least, put it hold and come back in a day or two if you can’t stop thinking about it. You will feel much better about your purchase if you do. Trust me.

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Shop like you mean it.

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