Lists Are a Psycho’s Best Friend

We all know every true psycho loves lists.

And we all love shopping. So the combination of the two gets me pretty excited.


Shockingly, I didn’t start actually using wish lists while shopping until about a year ago. And it changed my life. Well okay maybe not my life but certainly the way I shop (and isn’t it the same thing?).

Do yourself a favor and if you don’t already have a wish list created on the websites of all your fave stores, get on it.

Wish-listing allows you to properly stalk the things you want. And if you have read any of my other posts, you can see a trend is that I think stalking is an essential part of shopping.

I’m not trying to discredit the impulse buy, I still do that as well. But going off my post from yesterday (The thrill of the chase) when you are hunting down a particular style at multiple stores, wish lists can simplify the process. You can scour every website and then go back to your wish lists to more easily make a decision.

The Nordstrom wish list is my main bitch (mine is public if you want to check it out here). Even when things sell out, they still remain in your wish list with their item number visible. Soooo you can either try to have a salesperson hunt it down for you or find it somewhere else.

If something is a little out of your price range, you aren’t 100% sold on it or you want to check out other websites for the same style – add it to you wish list. I’m telling you it leads to major shopping wins.
Shop like you mean it.

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  1. Demi says:

    I love making wish lists! It makes me feel a little more satisfied with myself, even though I didn’t cave in and buy it yet! I have a huge list of things in my cart at I’m a sales representative for them and it’s so tempting! Feel free to use my code DEMIREP to save 10% off there. They definitely feed my online shopping problems!
    @demihopesrep (Twitter and Instagram)

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