Thrill of the chase

As I was just doing my online shopping routine, I had an epiphany.

This blog has basically turned into my diary (Confessions of a Shopaholic IRL), in that when I find myself shopping like a mad woman it usually translates into a new post idea.

And since my end goal is to make you all as crazy as I am, it makes sense that I share my inner shopping psycho with you.

Every Wednesdays, in addition to wearing pink, I have been posting tips and tricks. And now on Tuesdays, I will post about a specific style I currently lusting after and therefore stalking.

I typically do this thing where I become obsessed with a specific style of clothing and I scour the internet looking for it. It will be a style like denim shirt-dress, which we all know exists. But then I will create in my mind a very specific version of this item (think wash, cut, etc.) that I “need” but may not even exist.

While some are on Pinterest planning their fictional wedding to their non-existent boyfriend, I am putting together fictional outfits with a non-existent piece of clothing. Fashion is my boyfriend.

One day, I will design my own fashion line but until then I will continue to spend hours online hunting for the perfect additions to my wardrobe.

Welcome to my insanity.


HUNT OF THE DAY: the perfect denim shirt-dress

My faves so far are below. Click image for link to buy.






90s Lullaby

If you own one or find a good one, tweet it @ShopaholicProbz!!


Shop like you mean it.

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