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Disclaimer: I chose the name ShopaholicProbz for a reason.

I have an addiction (first step is admitting you have a problem, right?). So proceed with caution. Or don’t and I’ll see you at Shopaholics Anonymous.

Anyway, welcome to my second post of my Wednesday series featuring shopping and fashion tips from yours truly.


tip 2

My biggest shopping regrets are always the things I didn’t buy. I’ve had shoes haunt me for years (no this isn’t a joke, I’ll explain momentarily).

For the most part you can always return things, so if you see something that immediately captures your heart just do yourself a favor and buy it. And if this item happens on sale? Don’t think, JUST BUY. Trust me.

There are two things that can happen when you are making a purchasing decision:

1) You buy something. You regret it. You return it.

2) You don’t buy something. You regret it. You go back to find it. It’s gone.

Obviously, the latter is so much worse.  I’d take buyer’s remorse over shopping regret any day.

The reason I feel so strongly about this is because I’ve lived it. More than once.

Let me tell you a little story.

A few years ago, I stalked a pair of Stewart Weitzman wedges. I’m sure you know which ones I’m talking about. They are called the Alex. Jennifer Aniston wore them basically every day in the summer of 2013 and I was obsessed.


So this what happened:

Tried the on when they were full price – didn’t buy them.

Saw them on sale – didn’t buy them.

Saw them marked down a second time – didn’t buy them.

Saw them at Nordstrom Rack, tried them on – didn’t buy them. I actually remember convincing myself to be good and not spend any more money. It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Cue me crying about this incident for the next 2 years. Every time I would see someone wearing them, I would get pissed off at myself all over again.

A few months ago I found them online and bought them without a moment of hesitation (definitely for more than the amazing price they were going for at Nordstrom Rack).

The moral of the story?


art of shopping_buy the shoes

Now I’m not saying I should have bought them when I first saw them at full price. But if you’re going to stalk something, do it properly. Just be careful because not every item gets marked down three times or ends up at the Rack. So stalk your prey and make sure you don’t leave hungry.

You can only regret what you don’t buy. Or at least that’s what I say.

I’m predicting my future Shopaholics Anonymous sponsor using this post as a point of reference for what not to do. Whatever.
Shop like you mean it.


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